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Multidimensional in my being, I share my colorful earthly experiences through my art

Donia Touglo is a singer, nationally recognized actress, performance artist and a multidimensional magical being who creates worlds through her art. Her expression testifies to a life journey dedicated to personal liberation and cultural understanding. Her interdisciplinary creativity is expressed in the self-taught design of her artwork, costumes, and ever-different, original elements of her energetic shows, drawing from her diverse stage experience. 

The world citizen, raised in Germany with Westafrican roots, writes her lyrics in Ewe, English, German, French and in the language of her soul. 

At the same time she initiates permaculture projects and humanitarian engagement in Togo and dedicates herself to a very personal healing process.

All this is reflected in her music, which condenses into her first solo album.

From global sounds with West African influences to Afrobeats, Afro-fusion, electronics, neo-soul, psychedelic pop and more, Donia Touglo draws on a variety of genres and styles and expresses them in her own way. Describing it as „anything that feels good to my soul“ or a „soul infused world jam,“ the independent artist brings a colorful kaleidoscope to her art. 

From 2019 to 2021 she has released a 5 track EP, 8 singles and 2 features, produced and directed her own music videos and was awarded the popNRW award in the NEWCOMER category in October 2021. 

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The Story

„For a long time I thought I had chosen art, but now I realize how naive I was, because it was a symbiotic entanglement. Yes art in itself also chose me. Among the chosen ones, I contribute to express a part of our complex multidimensional tale in my own way.

Since then art sings, plays, dances my multidimensional perspective of our life.

And through the fact that life, art expresses itself through me life, I recognize you and me more and more.“

– donia touglo – 

The Purpose

„The universe is like a multidimensional work of art or puzzle. 

Everything has its task and purpose. 

My task as part of this mystical work of art is to discover, recognize, express, expand myself and in the meantime connect more pieces of the puzzle together.

 Through the art that is life itself, I am discovering one of the best ways for me to build connections with my multidimensional self, with you, with this time and space we call life on earth, and with everything else.

My art is an inspiration of us in and out of times and spaces for us on all levels of the earth and the universe.

The goal is to empower us to find our truth and live our essential purpose here. 

My art can encourage us to strive for inner and thus outer awareness and true balance.

Above all, I invite us to let our inner child out again to play and feel healing joy. „

– donia touglo –

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